Fieldwork and Environmental Impact

What is your footprint in the field and how to reduce it?

Swiss Polar Institute

Mo, 27.03.2023, 16:00 - 17:30

On 27 March 2023, the Swiss Polar Institute will host an online workshop to address this pressing challenge most polar scientists face: the environmental impact of their research.

Our international panel of speakers will discuss the impact of fieldwork, the carbon and environmental footprint of data acquisition, and will explore new ways to minimise its impact. The presentations will be followed by an open discussion on practical approaches you can use in your projects.


16:00 – Introduction and welcome
Danièle Rod, Swiss Polar Institute

16:10 – Environmental impact of polar science: overview and global perspective
Susana Hancock, President for APECS international, Arctic Basecamp
Susana is a multidisciplinary Arctic climate researcher who addresses the socio-geopolitical impacts of the climate crisis in the polar regions.

16:20 – Environmental impact of fieldwork: the view from a station manager in the Arctic
Morten Rasch, Arctic Station (Disko), University of Copenhagen, Greenland
Morten is the station manager and chairman of INTERACT’s Station Managers’ Forum.

16:30 – Tackling environmental impact of fieldwork – a comparative perspective between Alps, Arctic and Antarctic
Michael Lehning, WSL, EPFL, Switzerland
Michael is professor of atmospheric physics and snow and atmosphere processes, focusing on the interaction between the atmosphere and the cryosphere as well as renewable energy in the Alps.

16:40 – Panel discussion and Q&A

The discussion will engage with environmental and carbon footprints of fieldwork as well as exploring avenues for generating positive impact and cleaner approaches for data acquisition.

17:20 – Wrap-up and take-home messages

Organised with early-career researcher grantees in mind and aiming to support the development of professional skills, competences and networks, this online workshop is free of charge and open to anyone interested in the topic.

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