Physics-based modeling and the quest for intelligent robots

Institut de recherche Idiap

Je 30.06.2022, 14:00

Thanks to recent advances in sensing, perception and actuation technologies, robots are no longer just mindless machines designed to perform repetitive tasks on factory floors. Nevertheless, the vision of intelligent robotic assistants capable of helping us with every-day tasks at work and at home remains elusive. This is to a large extent because, unlike humans, robots lack an innate understanding of the physical principles that govern the dynamics of the physical world. To overcome this technological barrier, our group develops theoretical and algorithmic foundations for computational models that enable machines to predict how physical objects move and deform. Our efforts in this area have led to an analytically differentiable formulation of dynamics for multi-body systems. Within a unified framework, our simulation model handles rigid bodies, deformable objects, as well as frictional contact. In this talk, Prof. Stelian Coros (Computational Robotics Lab, ETH Zurich) will present the simulation framework and show how it can be used for tasks such as trajectory optimization, policy learning and computational design. Through a set of applications that range from soft robot locomotion to dynamic manipulation of deformable objects, he will also highlight early successes in using the simulation model to bridge the reality gap.

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Sciences appliquées, technologie

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